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    Telemarketing Data

    Effective Online Are Australia’s leading Australian Consumer Telemarketing Data provider.

    No other provider in Australian data provider has access to over 65 live websites which collect and validate over 100,000 Australian Consumers per month for telemarketing.

    Effective Online partner with various online survey and competition websites to collect double opt-in, validated and accurate data for your marketing campaigns.

    Unlike any other Australian Data provider, who’s data likely originates from the white pages, Effective Online GENERATE their own data digitally. Therefor we can offer 98%+ accuracy.

    How many phone calls does your team make to disconnected or wrong numbers? calculate that time… what does it cost you?

    Invest in accurate and valid telemarketing data today.

     Australian Telemarketing Data


    We have over 8.6 million records of Australian Consumers for Telemarketing, validated in the last 6 months.

    Australia-wide consumer telemarketing data records contain: 
    Last Name,
    Marital Status,
    Home owner and more.
    Target your audience more intelligently with higher quality Australian Telemarketing Data!

    There are 3 elements to telemarketing that are crucial for your campaigns to work:

    1. The right consultant on the phone.

    2. The right script.


    Ensuring you have accurate data can literally save you thousands of dollars per day.

    Because our data is generated online and is incentivised for the client to win a prize, it ensure 99%+ accuracy. Couple this with our sophisticated data validation tools and we ensure your agents are speaking to qualified and accurate details to close more sales.

    In 3 cases we have seen call centres go from making an average sale every 113 calls down to making a sale every 29 calls on Effective Online’s data. This is nearly 1/3 less man hours, making more sales in less time. + your agents make more commission.

    There are very few genuine SOURCES of Australian telemarketing data. Effective Online are a wholesaler and the source of data so you can be assured you’ll receive the best price.

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