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    Social Media

    Social Networking: According to Syncaps ( A well used and active facebook page can yield an average value of $136.38 PER FACEBOOK FAN!
    Are you getting this type of return from your business page??
    Are you updating information regularly??
    Are you interacting with your Fans in a away that would promote your brand image??
    Are you providing a social experience for your followers??
    Are you generating traffic back to your website/online store??
    Are you targeting the right market with your Facebook page??
    Do you have more fans than your competitors?? …Because Facebook fans are the new ‘credibility economy’. The more you have the more you brand will be trusted!
    The stats, figures and results will cross over all social media sites! Make sure you are taking advantage of all of them!
    If your answer is ‘NO’ to one or more of these questions, then you will definitely not be seeing any sort of Dollar value out of your Facebook page! We can run a email campaign to dramatically boost your facebook fans (up to 250,000 extra facebook followers) , and make sure you have the right people following your company! Contact us now for a free consultation on how we can help you capitalise and monetize all available free social networks!