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    Cost Per Lead

    Cost Per Lead (CPL) campaigns enable marketers and advertisers to generate guaranteed returns on their online advertising dollars, which is especially useful in a tough economy. It’s no surprise that CPL advertising has shown explosive growth in recent times and is in fact the most desirable form of lead generation in Australia in 2012. Are you tired of spending marketing dollars and not being able to meassure your results? Are you tired of meassuring your results but seeing no sales? COST PER LEAD marketing campaigns provide a unique marketing avenue for you to not only see measured results, but receive leads that are directly opting in to your offer! Best of all, Effective Online’s Cost Per lead campaigns are NOT Incentivised. – Meaning we do not give leads points, cash, competitions, iPads, ebooks, or anything that entices them more than purely YOUR ADVERTISEMENT! Leads can be generated for your business from as little as $7 per lead. Effective Online’s Cost Per Lead campaigns provide high quality, accurate and responsive leads for the Investment property sector through targeted online lead generation methods including:
    1. Banner Advertisements accross our online network of websites receiving over 10 million page impressions per month
    2. Email Marketing campaigns to our database netowrk of over 3 million Australian consumers
    3. Search Engine Marketing through optimised landing pages and CPC/Adword campaigns for keywords in your market.
    4. Social Media Marketing, interaction and offers.
    5. Coregistration Lead Generation
    Effective Online’s Cost Per Lead data can be provided in the following format:


    Last Name

    Phone Number

    Mobile Number

    Email address


    Date of Birth

    IP Address from opt-in (as required by law)

    Time and date approval given of opt-in (as required by law)

    We have recurring clients successfully ordering in the following industries:
    The days of spending tens of thousands of dollars on clicks, advertising, magazines, newspapers and television to have an unknown amount of leads generated, is over! Cost Per Lead is your new marketing and sales avenue!

    Effective Online are your Partner in building your business.

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