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    Co-registration Leads

    The co-registration (or Coreg for short) process is when a publisher or website owner and an advertiser (YOU) form a relationship to exchange consumer contact information based on permission—essentially permission-based sales and marketing lead generation. Co-registration leads are gathered when a visitor to a website, app or other digital property registers for something specific (e.g., a free membership, magazine subscription, or eBook) and then is offered the opportunity to opt-in to receive information from one or more advertisers on a contextually relevant topic.

    For example, We run a competition for people to win a home renovation store gift card, for everyone that enters to win the gift card we present an offer from a finance company (because they may be looking to refinance their home) a solar company (because they might be interested in putting solar on their home) a superannuation company (because they may be at that age where they are thinking about retirement) and a life insurance offer (because they may be thinking about family protection and estate planning). If the user decides to opt into one (or all) of these offers by checking the company’s box to say ‘Yes Please Contact me’ , their personal details are passed onto the respected company to follow up. Each Lead is not incentivised to enter any of the companies offers and they can select NO if they choose.

    Co-registration Leads are a great way to build your database and grow your sales pipeline as they are also bought on a ‘cost per lead (CPL)’ basis, enabling you to purchase an actual lead, as opposed to buying media to try and drive sign ups.

    Co-registration Leads do not require any setup costs and are a fast way to generate inbound leads for your call centre. Coreg leads are not for everybody, so it is important to speak to us prior about your sales process and how you handle leads, as these types of leads require direct contact as soon as the user completes their preference.

    Co-registration leads can be profiled and pre-qualified to meet your requirements. For example, we can filter leads before we present them your offer so you can be sure that your leads are pre-profiled to fit your target audience. For example, if your sales process and qualification requires that your leads are homeowners, who are in the workforce full time and are earning more than $80,000 per annum household income, then we can ask these questions of the lead prior to presenting them your offer.

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      See image below for a detailed visual explanation of the co-registration leads process:

      Co-registration Leads Explained