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    Investment Property Leads

    Looking for Investment Property Leads? We supply them!
    Investment Property Leads CPL Leads Leads are the lifeblood of your business growth and the fuel for your sales team. Effective Online provide an extensive service to partner with you for all your required investment property leads. Using the latest online methods and techniques, Investment property leads are generated through:
    • Co-registration Leads – A common method of partnership between an e-commerce site or online survey company which allows you to offer your advertisement to their users and share the data. Find out more about co-registration leads >
    • Email Marketing Leads – Effective Online can target over 4.1 million Australian consumers by: age, income, geography/postcode, sex and more.
    • Web Banner Advertisement Leads – Effective Online have access to online networks with over 10 million Australian impressions per month and able to target your add geographically and by interest.
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Leads – Effective Online can design and create landing pages around certain investment property key words to attract organic search traffic.
    Investment property leads are becoming harder and harder to obtain given the level of competition and market knowledge on the subject. Therefore, the front-runners are using smarter online tactics to drive new customer acquisition and sales. If you are looking to build a successful investment property firm, then online lead generation is the way of the future. We work with you to ascertain which lead generation model is best suited to achieve your goals and budget. There is no point in generating leads through a method that is not going to be suited to your business model.
    Lead Generation is always a partnership

    between the ‘lead capture’ stage and the follow up sales process. At either part of the process there can be a breakdown, and we ensure that we marry up the best lead generation techniques with your sales process. We want to make sure that our investment property leads are working for your overall sales and growth goals.

    What is the Best way to generate Investment Property Leads?

    We believe, with all the digital tools available to us, that generating qualified investment property leads is best done online. In the past, it was enough to just cold call people with your message of debt reduction, wealth creation and tax minimisation, but this message has been thrashed for the past two decades and most of Australia has heard it. Our approach is to solicit an opt-in for a call by your company at the right time when the consumer’s buying intent is at its height. This removes the ‘outbound’ approach taken so often by others, and starts off the relationship with the client on the best foot and with the highest amount of trust. There is no ‘pressure sell’ or cold calling.

    How many Investment Property Leads can you generate?

    Volume is our specialty. We will always begin small with each client to ensure that your agents get the hang of handling the leads, but when you tell us to open the floodgates, get ready! We can generate leads by the hundreds per day.

    How much do your Investment Property Leads cost?

    We work solely on a ‘cost per lead’ basis, so there is minimal risk to you outlaying large sums of money with the risk of no return. Depending upon your target geography, your volume of leads require and the appeal of your offer, we can generate leads from as little as $5.00 through to $850 for fully qualified and booked appointments.

    Can you target by postcode?

    Yes, we can target down to a postcode.

    Is there a minimal order of leads?

    It depends upon the campaign. We try to make the minimum entry point low in order to help you get started and to prove that we can do a good job. We know that if you grow, we will also grow!


    We ensure that 100% of all outgoing media and creative is approved by you the client. This ensures transparency around wording and the message is of a compliant nature. We work with many clients that have strict licensing (AFSL / ACL) criteria in regards to what they can and can’t say in market. We are aware of these requirements and restrictions and will work with you to ensure that your investment property leads are generated in a compliant nature.

    Contact us today and one of our client managers will get back to your regarding the best method moving forward.

    Effective Online also have an extensive range of telemarketing data for investment property buyers to fuel your call centre.

    Contact the online investment property lead generation experts today for a free consultation on how we can help build your business.

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